Men’s Mental health

We have also been involved with supporting young men’s mental health, which we do in partnership with Spectacle Theatre. This group, based in Treorchy, is growing from strength to strength. The group meets every Thursday, 6-8pm in Too Good To Waste in Treorchy.

Spectacle Theatre was established in 1979 and has developed into an international award-winning company. They specialisin participatory arts to engage with people of every demographic, from young children to elderly people in care homes. The work they do is extremely diverse and is credit to the talent of the staff and volunteers.

A men’s mental health group was thought up by the young people already involved with Spectacle. We, as an organisation, were brought in to help diversify the staff present at the meetings. Suicide is the biggest killer among males under the age of 40 and we believe that locally people are much more aware of men’s mental health, so it’s important we get the community and young men on board.

Currently there are young men attending the group from Treorchy and the surrounding areas. If the staff present believe those attending may benefit from other services, they can help those attending locate these services.

The young men who are currently involved are very proactive in their approach and are great at coming up with fresh concepts to keep the ideas rolling. Come along and join us – we’re all there to help each other.

James Watts-Rees

07392 072115