Rhondda Web

Rhondda web

This is a new project that has been created with the purpose of supporting access to and use of the internet for anyone living in the Rhondda. The focus is to help those who do not have access to broadband or an appropriate digital device to get online.

Since 2015 People & Work has been involved with many different digital projects to help tackle digital issues supporting young people and others to get more involved with the digital world. Some of these projects have ranged from app creating, digital festivals, gaming and offering support to colleges and local universities. Covid has brought to light many issues people have been suffering with long before the pandemic and this was a chance to help tackle issues that surround digital inclusion.

The Digital Champion (Ethan Jones) will be responsible for working with partner organisations to help improve and increase the opportunity for people in Rhondda to access the internet and use digital devices.

Following funding from the Rank Foundation, we have been able to purchase 10 Samsung tablets and some recycled laptops from a computer recycling centred based in Rhondda. The purpose of having these is to offer a device and support to those who are digitally excluded. With these devices and support being given we hope to help people connect with friends & family and perform any other action they may want out of a device. Working with partners such as SMT and RHA Wales we are also able to refer people to other organisations if we feel they may be better equipped to help and individual or group in need.

We will also be working on making people aware of the options they have when it comes to accessing the internet at home via broadband or mobile data. There are a range of different schemes available which some people may not be fully aware of.

We are also exploring the opportunities of bringing a community Wi-Fi scheme to local neighbourhoods as an alternative for people who are not connected to the internet in Rhondda. Right now, we are looking into the experiences of other communities in the UK and USA which have tried out a variety of different community Wi-Fi options to see what our options could be for us here in the Rhondda.

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