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Rhondda Voice

Rhondda voices is a brand new project launched by People & Work in January 2021. Rhian Edwards joined us as our Rhondda Digital Stories community leader, her role over the next year is to run the Rhondda Voices project as part of the Time to Shine Leadership programme, funded by The Rank Foundation. Rhondda Voices aims to digitally capture the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Rhondda. 

People and Work knew the pandemics effects would run deep through the valleys especially impacting our foundational economies. In response to this we came up with a project that would give us a better understanding of the foundational economy in the Rhondda and more specifically how it has been affected by Covid-19. Rhondda Voices is a project that gives the opportunity to the Rhondda people to tell their stories. Rhian will be interviewing and filming Rhondda residents to find out their experiences in the Rhondda and how Covid-19 has impacted their day-to-day routines and their interaction with local communities.

Already we are getting interesting stories of the changes to the daily routines, family and work life as well as the disruption in education, healthcare and to our all-important social lives. More importantly we are getting to the bottom of how this has made people feel, and whether our thoughts have been voiced by our local and National Politicians and in the media.

In the next few months, Rhian hopes to film the interviews of as many Rhondda residents as possible as well as creating a mini series of conversations with children to gain their understanding of the virus and the disruption to their lives. These films will inform those working in the foundational economy and those responsible for the public policies affecting it.

If you would like to take part in this project then contact Rhian Edwards:


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