Coming Out of Covid

Coming Out of Covid

What a difference a year makes…a year ago we were coming out of the first lockdown, not a vaccine in sight resulting in a lot of apprehension mixed with optimism.  Here we are a year later, exciting our third lockdown, with first vaccines having been offered to everyone across Wales and the world beginning to tentatively open back up again as we look towards a future of living alongside coronavirus, rather than sheltering from it.

Our organisation has seen the impact that covid has had across so many people’s lives and we are tailoring our work to support people to come through the other side and resume some kind of ‘normal’ life.  The trepidation that so many people feel about doing normal activities again is not to be underestimated, and it is nothing to feel ashamed about – so many people are feeling the same way.

Play It Again Sport is trying to support people to do the activities they want to do, in places they want to them, which are safe and accessible for them to reach and at the lowest cost possible.  Outdoor activities are still considered to be safer than indoors, due to the circulation of air and the ability to socially distance more effectively.

We have a range of activities that we hope appeals to many people, if there’s anything you would like to see in your nook of the Rhondda, then please do get in touch, we’re here to provide what you need, when you need it!  If we can’t do it, we will endeavour to find someone who can!  Taking the first step and getting involved with a new activity can make you feel a little anxious and be somewhat overwhelming, but you stand to gain far more from it than you’re likely to lose!

Getting out, seeing people and interacting with them can provide a huge boost to your mental health, if you combine this with some form of exercise, even just gentle walking, the benefit to your physical health from increasing your heart rate and being outdoors will increase your overall wellbeing hugely.

Every change begins with a decision to try something new!

Mondays –*Dark in The Park Rhondda (amateur running group), King George Running Track, Clydach Vale, 6pm-7pm. Learning to run for everyone! FREE. In conjunction with Sport RCT.

Tuesdays – Walk With Us, walking group, St Anne’s Church Ynyshir, 11am -12pm, walk 1.5-2 miles at a very comfortable pace. FREE. In conjunction with Sport RCT.

Wednesdays – Children’s Multi-Sports (under 12), Canolfan Pentre, 4pm-5pm. FREE

Making Tracks, walking group, Cambrian Village Trust, 10am-12pm, walk 4-5 miles at a reasonable pace. FREE.  In conjunction with Cambrian Village Trust & Sport RCT (beginning 4th August)

Thursdays – Walking Rugby, Treherbert Park, 2pm-3pm, £2 per session. In conjunction with Welcome To Our Woods.

First Thursday of every month – *Anyone Book Club, People & Work Offices, Pentre Town Hall, 6pm-7pm. FREE.

Any activity marked with * requires pre-registration due to covid guidelines. Please visit our Facebook page for more information, or call, 07375894007 or email for more information.