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Morgan Roderick’s Blog

Hello! I am Morgan Roderick and I have recently joined the People and Work team. My role is to deliver sports activities for Play it Again Sport. I joined the crew on September 3rd 2021 which was later than originally planned due to COVID 19 pandemic. In my first couples of weeks here the team welcomed me with open arms, and I managed to build close relationships with my co-workers.

Me and James will go out and deliver sports almost every day, so far delivering to over 4 schools in the Rhondda and the delivery we have been doing the past few weeks has been super fun! Getting to deliver to all ages is exciting because no two days are the same, you never know what funny things are going to be said or done!

We do a variety of sports activities including Football, Rugby, Netball, and lots of other games, so nobody gets left out and there’s a little something for everyone.
One example of one of the games I enjoy playing with the children is ‘Hula Hoop Link Race’. In this team-based activity there are 2 groups of children linking hands to form in circle, and the groups must individually pass through the Hula hoops and get the Hula hoops around the circles without breaking the chains. The first team to get the Hula hoops around the circle and sit-down wins! James and I work fantastically with children and develop great bonds with our classes, so getting everyone to listen isn’t a problem!

Every Wednesday I also attend our Games club, which runs 5pm until 7pm, where we have people from all over RCT show up, and on a Thursday I also go to the Play Yard in Ynyswen to play Walking Rugby with the local gents 2pm until 3pm. We also had a day out with colleagues from the Llechi Glo a Chefn Gwlad (Slate, Coal and countryside) network where we went to Cwm Farm Shop for a presentation and lunch, after the presentation we went and played walking rugby before going up to meet up with Welcome to Our Woods, another local community organisation.

I want to do this in the future because it’s something I am extremely passionate about. I love working in sport and I love working with the community. I’ve always loved sports from a young age, it’s something that brings people together and something that benefits both your mental health as well as your physical health. I’m happy and confident in what I do with People and Work and hope to carry on doing this with my life.